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Meet Hazel

'Traditional Owner - Nyinggulu Coast'

Welcome to Baiyungu Country,
The word ‘Nyinggulu’ is an Aboriginal word that means a ‘promontory’ which is a headland of elevated land.  
It refers in modern day terms to the Cape Range National Park and surrounding areas.

My name is Hazel Walgar and I am one of the Traditional owners of the Ningaloo Coast. I am a Baiyungu woman whose connection to country stems from my grandmother Yingagurru, who belonged to the Nyingalara clan which is now known as Ningaloo. My people have a strong connection to this country that spans tens of thousands of years.

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'Ngarri yinhaya Bayungu’

'This country is Bayungu'

Come along on a cultural experience, see this country through our eyes and share our traditional values and culture. Baiyungu Dreaming Aboriginal tagalong tours take visitors tours across the Baiyungu country. Together we’ll explore the pristine beaches and spectacular marine life of our front yard on the Ningaloo reef coast, then take you to inland to discover the rugged, beautiful  and surprising landscapes of our backyard and the culturally significant Cape Range Peninsula.



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