'NgarrARI Yinhaya BaIyungu’

'This country is BaIyungu'

We invite you to see this country through the eyes of its first people.
Journey with us along the road less travelled. Visit pristine beaches, untouched reefs, even a turtle nursery. Explore hidden locations along the Ningaloo coast with your Baiyungu guide. Discover culturally significant places and hear the stories connected to them. See a side of Ningaloo coast rarely experienced by visitors as we take you on a tagalong tour through this spectacular World Heritage Listed location.

Our Tagalong Tours

Shell Middens


This stretch of coastline is gaining attention globally for more than its beauty and rich biodiversity. It is currently the location of some significant archaeolocical discoveries that are providing fascinating insights into the history of the region’s first people.
Hazel, your guide, works as cultural advisor on number of important excavations and shares some of her unique insights on a visit to an ancient shell midden site.

Tour Highlights